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FarCry Core is a web application framework based on the ColdFusion language.

As part of the developer community, we provide support for the framework, CMS, and a host of community plugins including libraries for Google Maps, image manipulation, search, and many more. The FarCry Core framework and associated FarCry CMS solution has grown into one of the largest ColdFusion code bases, with an active community of developers around the globe.

We have extensive expertise in the FarCry Platform codebase, design, and its dependencies. We've developed and maintained many FarCry modules for customers, and have been involved in a number of FarCry platform deployments, both big and small.

Development Services

If you're already using the FarCry platform, and need some custom features implemented (either in the FarCry project or as plugins), or maybe some bugs are affecting your use of the FarCry platform, we're help you with our expertise.

Consulting Services

If you're unsure about how to get the most out of your FarCry deployment, we can help you. We can assess any existing or planned deployments of the FarCry platform to help maximise your success. Furthermore, we can investigate problems that you are experiencing with any existing FarCry platform deployments.

FarCry application support services

We offer flexible support packages that enable you to get the help you need when you need it. Packages can be tailored to your organisations needs. Our support services deliver real business benefits by providing specialised technical support on incidents, including general user guiding sessions/how-to's to help you get the most from your deployment.


Hourly cost: A$175

Pay as you go, ad hoc development support.


Annual cost: A$25,000

Unlimited support hours + 1 hours development support per month


Annual cost: let's talk

Let us tailor a solution for your team.

Let our expertise help you!

If you are planning on extending or deploying using the FarCry platform, let's talk now.


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