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Technology of the highest level: multiple redundant junctions

Our servers reside in cutting-edge data centres, boasting state-of-the-art facilities in both Europe and the USA. Through the integration of multiple redundant connections, interVations ensures an unparalleled uptime guarantee of nearly 100%.

At interVations, we embrace technology at its highest echelon, equipping our data centers with multiple redundant junctions. These robust connections are meticulously designed to eliminate any possibility of data transfer delays. By forging redundant links to critical Internet hubs, we enable your website to achieve lightning-fast loading times and accommodate a higher capacity of simultaneous users. Furthermore, our strategic alliances with redundant partners serve as a fail-safe mechanism, mitigating any disruptions caused by single providers and ensuring continuous online presence for your website.

Facts and figures

Interruption-free power supply due to emergency diesel generators and plumb gel batteries

Steel-reinforced walls and fully air-conditioned rooms which provide safety from gas, water, and fire

Multiple redundant 65 GBit/s connectivity

24 hour surveillance by highly qualified specialists

Nearly 100% uptime


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