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The interVations data centre provides hosting and cloud services for businesses and individuals.

Our data centre has been used for interVations hosting products since 2007 and is now equipped to effectively host Cloud products as well as enterprise-grade virtual private servers; block storage for high-performance storage; and DBaaS, all running on a new performance-improved network. The centre is equipped for sustainability with a new photovoltaic (PV) installation with over 1,000 PV panels rated for 400 kilowatts.


The interVations data centre provides hosting and cloud services for businesses and individuals.

All the geeky technical jargon

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  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 50001
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  • Tier Classification Tier-III
  • Availability 99.99% p. a.
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  • Redundant diverse fibre entry points/lines to form a fibre ring
  • Locally operated DWDM systems
  • Redundant 100 GB internet uplinks
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  • N+1 cooling redundancy (CRAHs, pipes, pumps, chillers)
  • Cold aisle containments for efficient air handling
  • Supply temperature 24 °C (75F)
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Power supply

  • Redundant grid connection, N+1 transformers and generators
  • Solar system on the entire roof (800 kW)
  • DC-wide N+1 electrical redundancy (transformers, generators, UPS, distributions)
  • Platform fed by 2N USV redundancy
Icon: Physical security

Physical security

  • Double door systems with safety glass
  • Access control system w/ badge for all secure areas (interior and exterior) PIN also required on exterior doors
  • 24/7 intrusion alarming with door break in alarms and perimeter detection beams
  • Video surveillance both exterior and interior
  • Dual factor access control system
  • Site and building-wide cameras
  • Multiple fire protection zones (IT), early fire detection and fire extinguishing system

Hosting a climate-neutral future

Sustainability that goes beyond energy

Our mission on climate-neutral hosting

interVations is committed to keeping our infrastructure climate-neutral and free of environmental trade-offs. By hosting with us or using our cloud or server products, your business can reduce its impact on the climate.

Through the use of green energy, we minimise our CO2 emissions. We also continuously improve the efficiency of our data centres. New servers are built with the most energy-efficient technologies available, and recycled or disposed of properly at the end of their service lives.

From energy sourcing to the supply chain, sustainability remains a key factor in our decision-making process.

Our mission on climate-neutral hosting

Minimising CO2 by powering with green energy

To reduce our CO2 output and to do our part in the fight against climate change, interVations uses energy from renewable sources wherever possible.

Our data centre runs entirely on electricity from renewable sources, including wind energy. Priority is given to local and regional suppliers.

Minimising CO2 by powering with green energy

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