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We provide creative assistance to large companies and organisations looking to establish or revamp their online presence.

  • We assist in large server-migration projects. We specialise in ColdFusion, but also deal with other platforms.
  • We work closely with in-house IT teams, gaining an understanding of their requirements and providing integrated creative input.
  • Our daily rates are capped to make our services affordable to organisations, helping keep their development and update costs down.


Project management

We regard all our clients as an integral and essential component of every project, and our project management systems reflect this.

  • All our projects, regardless of their timeline or size, are carried out under a strict and proven project schedule.
  • Each phase of a project is broken into sub-phases, which are signed off by you, the client.
  • We ensure quality and consistency, while delivering your project on time and budget.


eBusiness advice

We can examine your existing processes and operations, and recommend exactly how they could be optimised and integrated with other systems by using a website, Intranet or Extranet.

  • Our services include providing system design and specifications, cost and savings estimates, and cases studies.

A simple, printed system design can be very effective in demonstrating a proposed development to an internal committee or venture capitalists.


Multimedia production

Our creative skills cover design and production of multimedia – the combination of text, sound, graphics, animation and video into a striking visual presentation.

Whether that presentation is for the web, CD-ROM or DVD, our multimedia productions deliver innovative business solutions that communicate with style and impact.


Graphic and print design

We can design and graphically lay-out your brochures, flyers, posters and other print communications. We can also conceptualise and execute an original corporate identity and brand for you.

This could involve developing brand names and logos for your company, product or service, or basic style-guidelines for your team. Style-guidelines will help keep a consistent look for your corporate and marketing strategy.

We produce all the materials you need to successfully launch a new brand, including the associated company stationery.


Great value printing

As a value addition to our graphic and print design, we can also arrange great value printing for your:

  • brochures
  • magazine advertising
  • direct mail marketing
  • reports
  • presentations.

Having a single firm produce all your marketing materials, both online and off, gives you higher-quality and coordinated results.

For larger projects that require the attention of additional specialists, we can place a range of services – such as copywriting and editing – at your disposal from our partners and affiliates.




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