Service Status
This page allows our clients to check our up-to-date network status. Any emergency issues will be posted on this page as soon as we find out about it.
Transferring a Website
How to transfer your website to interVations with zero downtime!
Server Information
General information about our servers.


Domain Names



Hosting Control Panel User Guide
A Work in Progress...
this guide will explain how to use the extensive features of your hosting services control panel to setup your email accounts and databases, configure web statistics, and perform many other important operations. All from your web browser.

Stats Packages
This section will help you understand what the various terms mean in AWStats and Webalizer as provided with your hosting package.

Frequently Asked Questions
This section contains frequently asked questions that are emailed to our support team.

Managed Microsoft Exchange
MS Exchange Server hosting that enables you to send and receive electronic mail and other forms of interactive communication through computer networks. The centralized e-mail servers connect to the Internet and private networks where e-mail messages are sent to and received from other e-mail users. Exchange Server offers you integrated collaborative messaging features such as scheduling, contact, and task management capabilities.

Managed Microsoft SharePoint
If the plan you signed up with included MS SharePoint resource, you can enable MS SharePoint Services on your domain.

Site Studio
Site Studio is a browser based tool for basic website design

Easy Apps Library
Easy Apps are available and installable through your hosting control panel on selected plans.