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Unlock amazing rewards with our Affiliate Program!

Experience the joy of sharing

Spread the word about our exceptional hosting service and be a part of something incredible. Our valued customers have embraced our top-tier, dependable hosting solutions, backed by our warm and helpful customer support team and cutting-edge management tools. The praise and recommendations we receive from them inspire us each day.

Your impact matters

We understand the rising costs of living can be challenging, and that's why we've created an extraordinary affiliate program that not only benefits your friends, customers, and colleagues but also helps you financially.

Zero cost, maximum gain

Joining our affiliate program is absolutely free, with no pesky monthly charges eating into your earnings.

Elevate your earnings, effortlessly

It's as easy as pie – introduce others to our services and watch the rewards roll in, either as credits or real cash.

Let's make success together!


Unlock amazing rewards with our Affiliate Program!

Empowering our valued community of customers!

Embrace the opportunity

We're thrilled to announce that all our existing customers are now part of our fantastic affiliate program, automatically. It's our way of recognising your loyalty and giving you the chance to benefit from sharing the excellence you already enjoy.

Seamless access

Just log in to the "My Account" section on our website, and you'll discover your personalised affiliate code. It's that simple!

Spread the goodness far and wide

Your affiliate link/code is a gem – share it across your website, emails, and social media platforms. And guess what? We've even prepared a captivating array of affiliate banners for you to use, available in the "My Account" section as well.

Rewards made easy

Once a new customer successfully joins our hosting family through your referral, we'll make sure to credit your account, then after the 30-day money-back guarantee period you can use it. It's a win-win for everyone!

Let's start a chain of positivity and prosperity together!


Empowering our valued community of customers!

Credits and available plans

Windows hosting

Windows hosting

Plan Credit
BRONZE A$16.00
SILVER A$29.00
GOLD A$50.00

Managed WordPress

WordPress hosting

Plan Credit
BUDGET A$13.00
BRONZE A$25.00
SILVER A$50.00
GOLD A$90.00

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Plan Credit
SOLO A$18.00
BUDGET A$93.00
BRONZE A$187.00
SILVER A$281.00
GOLD A$750.00
PLATINUM A$1687.00

Microsoft 365 (Business Basic)

Microsoft 365 (Basic)

(formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)
Plan Credit
SOLO A$10.00
BUDGET A$60.00
BRONZE A$120.00
SILVER A$190.00
GOLD A$500.00
PLATINUM A$1000.00

Microsoft 365 (Business Standard) - Formerly Office 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 (Standard)

(formerly Office 365 Business Premium)
Plan Credit
SOLO A$30.00
BUDGET A$160.00
BRONZE A$300.00
SILVER A$600.00
GOLD A$1500.00
PLATINUM A$3000.00

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint

Plan Credit
BUDGET A$60.00
BRONZE A$160.00
SILVER A$280.00
GOLD A$560.00

Icon: Let’s do the math...

Let’s do the math...

Imagine you're subscribed to our Budget (Windows) plan and you introduce interVations to your friend Sam. By sharing your unique code or affiliate link, Sam decides to jump on board and selects the Silver (Windows) plan. We'll credit your account with a fantastic A$29.00!

When it's time for the next renewal of your Budget (Windows) plan, you'll only need to pay A$26.00. That's some serious value right there! If your choice is to receive your reward as cash, get ready for a treat. After 30 days, we'll seamlessly transfer the credit to your bank or PayPal account.

Icon: Embark on your affiliate journey today!

Embark on your affiliate journey today! Simple as 1-2-3

Here's the exciting news – joining our affiliate program won't cost you a cent extra. No extra costs, only rewards.

Ready to earn? Just share and watch the rewards flow in, whether you choose credits or cash. It's that straightforward! Your path to benefits begins here.

Get ready to be amazed by the simplicity and generosity of our affiliate program.

Let's start accumulating those credits right away!





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